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I'm Orlando and I'm a Web Designer & Concept Artist working in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Thanks for visiting my site, an online portfolio of my digital creative work.

I work for digital agency Atenax Project on sites for big brands and I am available for any new freelance work.

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Atenax Project

Atenax Project

Visual Art

Joanith Medina

Joanith Medina

Odontología y Estética

Ortodoncia Avanzada


Clinica de Ortodoncia - Ortodoncia Avanzada

Proyecto Creces

Proyecto Creces

Profesionales del Sector Salud

I have been working as a professional web designer, both full-time and freelance, for the last three years. In this time, I have worked on many sites for clients ranging from individuals to huge corporations.

We specialise in front-end development and working with jQuery to enhance the user experience. We also have experience with PHP development and building sites for various different content management systems.

Other services: facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networks and galleries design and management, Enewsletters and online marketing, Advertising, Google Apps, Ad words, Google Analytics, Hosting & Domain, Blog & Microblog, Google Maps and mucho more.

These are examples of some of the freelance projects I have worked on recently. You can also check out some of the big sites I've worked on.

1) John Guarenas, 2) Pharmacy, 3) Vivero Santa Elena.

Other sites in progress: 1) On-3dschool, 2) Colores MF, 3) Orlando Toro, 4) Lebittersweet, 5) Brainbox Factory, 6) Tamborire, 7) Gomas, 8) Clicking Decks, 9) Odontospa and my personal websites of photography and drums.

As part of my work for Chemistry, I developed the front-end to this site which contains heavy use of jQuery. The site combines sliding content with parallax to give a great effect.

Zacapa Rum


This was a personal project I built in my free time to collect together great photos I come across online. It is a custom theme for Tumblr which I designed and built myself.


"I hired Charlie to do a complete redesign of my brand's website after being impressed with his site and portfolio. He instinctively knew how to take ideas, goals and visions and distill them into brilliant designs, clearly explaining options along the way. He also did an expert job in the detailed development of the site. I'm extremely pleased with the results and confident that the project couldn't have been in more capable hands."


A freelance project I designed and built for up and coming director Adam Butcher. The site runs on WordPress and lets Adam easily showcase his latest works.


I am a freelance visualization artist based in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. My background is Computer Science and I have extensive experience with PC and Network Support. After discovering the world of Computer Graphics, I specialized in 2D and 3D graphic arts, which has allowed me to produce visuals for a wide range of projects.

I am the Director of a highly creative group of CG artists & Graphic designers with a strong art sense and broad working experience. Self-confident, efficient and passionate about CG.



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You can send me a message using any of these emails and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can.